Real Estate Benefits; take advantage of the Spring Market

Are you Real Estate Ready?  Lack of down payment or credit should not be holding you back.  As the housing market has continued to improve, more credit and down payment options are available.

Home ownership strengthens families, communities and our Nation.  Children and families do better physically, financially, and are healthier with home ownership.  From higher test scores, higher graduations rates and less TV and game time, our children do better.  Communities are stronger and healthier, less teen pregnancy, greater voter turnout, less crime, and even greater charitable giving.

To help families and communities, several down payment assistance programs are available.  Local, state and national government entities as well as organizations offer different programs based on different qualifications and income parameters.  To see how you qualify and which loan program works for you, seek the advice from a local lender.  Working with a local lender puts you in touch with someone who knows the programs and guidelines for the community.

The spring market is quickly approaching.  Interest rates remain low but housing inventory is also low – a seller’s market in some price ranges.  Buyers should work with a Realtor who they trust and who knows their neighborhood.  Besides market knowledge, their agent will help with the volumes of paperwork, negotiations of inspections, repairs required for FHA and VA, and questions after closing.

To help buyers prepare for the spring market, a First Time Home Buyers class is scheduled for March 8th from 6pm to 8pm.  A local lender, down payment assistance coordinator, and two agents will lead this class.  There will be time for specific questions throughout the evening.

Please contact Trina White at or Jileasa Heidt at   with questions or to RSVP to the March 8th class.


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