Selling your home can be an overwhelming process; contact an AGENT to help make it easier and more stream-lined.  A professional will tell you what needs to be done and items to consider in order to set the right price and achieve a quick sale. A professional knows the local market conditions, prices, and the flexibility of each.  You have probably heard, “”location, location, location,” your agent will show you what has sold and what remains un-sold in your market area, and what your competition is.  Are you in a golf course community, a historic neighborhood, or in a neighborhood that is up and coming?   Location is a major factor in determining the best price for your home.

After setting a price, your agent will assist you in preparing for the market.  Home staging and being market ready are crucial in achieving a quick contract.  Home staging includes de-cluttering your home, cleaning out closets, and clearing off countertops. Replacing old and outdated bath towels and shower curtains, raking the front lawn and sprucing up the outside, are just a few of the things your agent may suggest.

Remember, your agent is YOUR agent.  Your agent should assist you in setting the right price, marketing opportunities, showing your home, and facilitating negotiations on the sale price and repairs after the inspection.  A few homeowners elect to have a home inspection prior to marketing to insure less surprises after negotiations have begun.  The buyer’s lender will be looking for items that are health and safety issues and will want them repaired prior to closing.

Knowing where you are going after the sale is just as important.  Will you be renting or purchasing a new home? Are you moving into a retirement complex? Moving into a bigger or smaller home? Or moving out of the area?

Your AGENT is a professional in assisting sellers at every stage.  Hiring a professional will make your move easier and more enjoyable.

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