Home Staging Adds Dollars

How to make your home warm and inviting, plus line your pockets with dollars.

Home staging can give you more money when you are competing for buyers in the market place.  There are several easy, low cost ways to add thousands to your bottom line.  Today’s buyers are shopping for their home on line making staging and professional photography vitally important.

  1. Curb Appeal is important for buyers driving the neighborhood to look at houses.   Simply cleaning up the yard, trimming landscaping, adding a new mailbox and outdoor lighting.  Adding a small bistro set with bright pillows, potted colorful flowers and inviting porch décor will invite buyers to come take a look.
  2. Clutter will cost you, stow away all your personal items. You plan a move, so box up and store all the extra items.  Keeping in mind not to make the room too barren.  On the end table, place 3 items of varying height, a lamp, small plant and a book.  Ending the clutter will make showing your home that much easier, as you will have less to pick up.
  3. Scale back the furniture in your living room, bedrooms and family room. I recommend most sellers find a storage unit or garage. By removing furniture, your rooms will appear bigger and buyers equate that to square footage and dollars.
  4. Donate all your used items. Our community has recycling or donation items to pick up.  From the Montana Rescue Mission, Family Services and St Vincent DePaul. In addition, used electronics can be recycled at E-waste Solutions.
  5. Add Color to you rooms. Adding a bright accent pillow will jazz up your living room, add a healthy green plant to the sewing room, or a glass jar of bright lemons to the kitchen.

Just a few of these suggestions will add dollars to your bottom line.  For questions regarding your personal home and what furniture to store, contact your area Real Estate Expert, Trina White, Billings and Beyond, 406-698-8899 or trina@trinawhiterealtor.flywheelsites.com


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