Remodel or Relocate? Move or Improve

Remodel or Relocate? Improve or Move? January is a time of reflection and change. Many folks ponder IS IT Time? There are things about their current home that they would like to change, features to add, amenities, new products desired . How does one decide to #move or #improve First of all, selling has gotten easier. At least in Billings, MT the real estate market is healthy and active. Last year we saw an increase in pending sales and increase in average sales price, $255,700, while interest rates remained relatively the same throughout the year. The average sale from contract to move date was approximately 45-60 days. #billingsMT #realEstate Next, consult your Realtor and your lender. Find the answers to these questions: What can I afford? What is my credit score? Do I have equity in my home? What improvements or upgrades am I looking for? What will it costs to make these changes? How will I pay for it? Savings or Cash out equity, line of credit? What is your homes’ value prior to improvements and after? #homeequity #improvements #upgrades When making improvements, consider the top 5 must-haves most buyers desire. A fireplace is number one on their wish list, followed by wood floors, then carpet. Granite counters and stainless steel appliances remain firmly at the top of the list. Next is an open floor plan, along with open and updated kitchens. For adding value with a smaller investment, consider the curb appeal of your home. Updating your front door is the top value added upgrade. Upgrading exterior curb appeal is critical in attracting buyers into your home and usually requires minimal investment. Your kitchen is the next area that adds good return on investment. Consider a stainless steel appliance package of $2,000 which may increase your home’s value by $5,000. Either way, moving or improving your castle, start with your Realtor and your lender. Take a time to ponder your future needs and desired lifestyle .


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