Dangerous products around the home

Spring is the time to end your winter clutter.  When cleaning up and cleaning out, keep these simple things in mind.  Protect yourself from ordinary household products that land folks in the emergency room each year.  Take time now to think of these products around your home that may be a danger to you.

  • StepStools: Make sure the step stool you are using has sturdy legs, with rubber fitted tips.  Always hold on when climbing; falls cause serious accidents each year.
  • Dryer: This is easy, keep the dryer lint trap cleaned.  Lint fires cause 6000 household fires each year.
  • LawnMowers: Always wear good shoes and protective eyewear.  Watch for rocks and other debris in the yard.  Lawnmowers send over 80,000 people to the hospital each year.
  • Blenders:  Beware the blender with it’s lacerating blades.  From spewing hot liquids and its sharp blades, 9,000 injuries are logged each year.
  • Toasters: Ordinary everyday usage causes serious injuries, including  a few fatalities each year. Again, keep the toaster cleaned out for household safety.
  • Humidifiers: Keeping your humidifier cleaned-out keeps your family safe. Families get sick each year from mold and bacteria caused from dirty humidifiers.

Keeping you and your family safe is easy.  When using these handy household products, remember to keep things cleaned up and cleaned out.  Trina White, Billings & Beyond Real Estate Services, 508 Grand Avenue, Billings MT 406-698-8899

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