Billings, MT Voted Top Outdoor City

Billings residents and Her friends recently voted Billings number one city for Outdoor Living. The reasons we love Billings are varied. Here are my top 5. Please add your favorite outdoor venue, event, park, or trail that makes Billings special for you.

THE RIMS: If you have been to Billings, you know the Rims. From the airport to the Valley floor, the Rims speak to each of us. Located on the Rims are 5 sandstone stairways, bing and running trails, places to meditate and not to leave out, Yellowstone Kelly’s Grave

The River: Billings shares her southern side with the Yellowstone River. With fishing, boating and tubing in late August, there is so much to do on or at the River. Located at the South Blgs. Blvd exchange, there is Riverfront park and Norms Island. Time along the Yellowstone is never wasted time.

Parks & Trails: Throughout Billings we have a trail or park to fit every athlete or outdoor spirit. From the 2 mile walkway along Bench Blvd at the Metra to Mary Street, the Dog Park, Oasis Water Park, Zimmerman Park for Cyclist and runners, Phibbs Park, Shiloh walkway to the new Nature Conservatory across from Scheels, the landscape and personality of the parks are unique to Billings. Our signature park at Grand Avenue and Virginia Lane, Pioneer Park was established well over 100 years ago.

City Events: The city of Billings and her residents support a variety of interests and charities events held outside. From the Renaissance Fair at ZooMT, Spring Fling at the Moss Mansion, Strawberry Fest downtown under Skypoint and to the Blues Fest, this year featuring Billings native Guthrie Brown in early August, there is much to keep one busy through the summer. Keeping with our ranching & rodeo heritage, Billings hosts the NILE, Northern International Livestock Exhibition, the MATE show, PBR Rodeo and in December after the finals in Las Vegas, Billings hosts the Chase Hawks Memorial Rodeo. Pick a month, pick an event, make sure you include one in your stay with us.

Day Trips: Keeping Billings as your home base allows you great flexibility in your choices. From Billings easy day trips to Red Lodge, Beartooth Pass, Custer Battlefield, Pompey’s Pillar, Big Horn River & Reservoir are easy to reach. Excursions to Custer National Forest, Stillwater River (fishing & float trips) or the Clarks Fork are easily arranged by guides in Billings.

There is much to love about Billings and the great outdoors. What do you love? Share it on our facebook page www.facebook/
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  1. Great read Trina White! Thanks for pointing out all the things and reasons why I Love Billings! I have lived here my entire life and I’ve had many opportunities to leave and chase jobs and careers all over the US but I have remained steadfast to Billings and the People of Billings! I rarely take vacations away from Billings because there is so much to do and see right here. We live in the Best Place on Earth! Thanks Again Trina! #greatarticle

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