Outdoor Entertaining, Outdoor Space, Adding Value & Amenities to your Home

Maximize your living space without dramatically impacting building costs.  Adding value to your home can be done with minimal investment.  More than 50% of current home owners are planning on increasing or RE-doing their own outdoor space.  Looking for some ideas, let us help you out.

*Add gardening of native landscaping.  Keep water conservation and maintenance in mind.  Read what NOT to plant in your area before beginning.  Bamboo & Vines can end up over running your space.

*Add a Pergola.  Pergola’s can be purchased at your local DIY store in wood or metal for around $1,000 or have a contractor build permanent structure for around $3,000.  Adding permanent Pergola will add additional value to your home in the end.

*Build a deck or add a patio.  Patio, decks, terraces are high on the wish list for current home buyers. Materials vary according to your budget and personal taste.  From beautiful natural redwood to maintenance- free planks, pavers, stamped concrete or colored concrete.  Keep in mind that durability, maintenance and local materials and preferences.

*Update your curb Appeal.  From painting the front door to trimming the hedge, changing out the mailbox or outdoor lighting.  These inexpensive items can increase curb appeal and value, traditionally have a high return on your dollar.

* Add some heat.  Adding an outdoor firepit or fireplace can extend your time outside to early or late fall.  Inexpensive fire pits can be purchased at your local DIY store.   When planning, consider what you will be burning; firewood, natural gas or propane.  Adding a natural gas fireplace will take some planning and usually a local contractor; as a permanent fixture will add additional value to your home.

*Add Color.  From pillows to table ware and plants there are so many items available in today’s market. July is an excellent time to look for sales on this year’s trends while selection is still available.

Finally, plan a get together.  Inviting your family and friends to enjoy and share your outdoor space is rewarding as well as relaxing!


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