Staycation: Billings and Beyond

Staycations are a great way to discover and renew the pleasure of your hometown.  Billings has so much to offer young and old alike.  For outdoor enthusiasts, music lovers, animal advocates and those who simply like to sit on the beach.  Remember, a staycation is about avoiding the phone, email and chores.  No laundry or chores if staying home.

  1. Explore Nature beyond the city.  From the Rimrocks, Swords Park to the Yellowstone River.  You can explore on foot, in your car, or on bikes.  Explore on pavement,  rocky terrain or grassy meadows.  Whatever your comfort zone is, you will find ways to renew your love and passion for Billings.   Lake Elmo State Park offers those used to slower waters for fishing, paddle boards, swimming or enjoy the sunrise from the docks.  Riverfront Park overs those love the rushing waters of the Yellowstone River for fishing, canoeing and floating.   Billings was voted #1 outdoor city in 2016, find out why and shout out your favorite  #loveMT  #BillingsMT
  2. Backyard Camping.  For little ones and teens alike.  Setting up a tent, complete with sleeping bags and flashlights.  Lighting your charcoal BBQ for melted marshmellows and old fashion s’mores will sooth that love for sweets.  Other families set up outdoor screens and invite the neighbor kids in rememberence of the drive-in movies.  We are lucky to still have an outdoor drive in, located between Billings & Laurel, check the web for movie listings.
  3.  Explore the City.  Each week the Western Heritage Center offers “Huff it with the Historian”.  Check with the Heritage Center for the weekly tour schedule.   There a downtown walking tour to explore historic homes and buildings.  Homes along Clark, Yellowstone and Wyoming Avenue as well as North 32nd and North 31st have been placed on the National Historic Listing along with the US Postal Building on 1st Avenue North.   Checking into a local hotel to take advantage of swimming and waterslides.  Music is offered each week at various locations, many free to the public and others at downtown nighclubs.

Whatever you choose to do, bring a backpack.  Take bug spray, sunscreen, snacks and bottled water.  Don’t forget your camera or phone.  Make sure to post and share your highlights with your friends, #loveMT  or #liveBillings.

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