Decluttering Finish

I am DONE decluttering the closet in our spare bedroom!  You can see that I used a closet organizer and clear totes for the stuff I will be keeping.  I also created a box for each of my children, recycled and threw away some things, and donated quite a bit.  I also have a stack of photos that my children and family can go through and enjoy.   A few of the donation places for this closet were to Family Services and the Evangelical United Methodist Free Store.  Jileasa and I have created a one-page long list of places to donate to with phone numbers.  Please email or call us if you want the information sent to you.

As I’ve mentioned before, we will continue to declutter other spaces within my house.  The main thing I want to stress is that it is important to do these projects in small chunks of time.  With this closet containing more memories than I anticipated it would have been easy to get over-emotional, stressed, and a lack of desire to continue.  Breaking it down in to an hour several times made it managemable to continue making progress.  I am very happy and proud of the end result!

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