Back to School, Back to Basics

The week of Montana Fair brings hundreds of families to Billings. Besides the fair, parents are shopping and preparing for back to school.  The school supplies may contain lunch bags, clothes, shoes and electronics.  In   addition to school supplies, good schools are a major consideration when people are looking to relocate. The domestic home-buying population also clearly […]

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Stuck in the middle

Are you mobile, rooted or simply STUCK? Are you stuck in a job, in a career, in a community? Mobility for Americans in the last two centuries have allowed for individual success and greater financial freedom for their families. According to National Association of Realtors, more Americans are staying put for longer periods of time. […]

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2016 Year in Review

The past year was many things to Americans.  Things we will remember about 2016 are health care costs, reduced gasoline prices, and negative campaigns.  For Billings, we saw broader residential and commercial development.  Real estate finished out the year with 56.6% of the listings sold and an average sale price of $240,135.  The average sale […]

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