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New styles in luxury home furnishings have two great styles to look for in 2018.  Designers have labeled these as Farmhouse and Hygge, but what the Uber rich are looking for in home design are not new.  Open floor plans and outdoor spaces are desirable by all buyers, but the Uber rich also want smart homes and good environmental designs.  Designers are also including working closet spaces, closets that include desks or reading chairs, as well as large outdoor spaces.  Some of these outdoor spaces include fireplaces, hot tubs and glass walls.   Other designer tips include wallpaper, (yep, wallpaper) and Onyx Black & White.  

Hygge StyleCurrently, the United States has 2200 billionaires, with China having 13,000.  The number of billionaires is predicted to double by 2020. The number of foreign buyers in the US is currently at approx 30% of sales, with most of these sales coming from 5 countries.  The foreign uber rich are buying second homes in the U.S., paying cash, and looking for privacy.  Who are the uber rich?  The top 0.1 percent in the United States, Robert Frank reports for CNBC, “have a net worth of more than $100 million,” controlled “just under 12 percent” of America’s wealth as of 2014.  Just prior to President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address, media reported that the top wealthiest 1% possess 40% of the nation’s wealth; the bottom 80% own 7%; similarly, but later, the media reported, the “richest 1 percent in the United States now own more additional income than the bottom 90 percent”.  

The Farmhouse decorating styles include industrial, Rustic or Minimalist.  Joanna & Chip Gaines have made Farmhouse styles popular throughout the US.  The other style designers have identified is known as Hygge, which is Danish.  This style includes warm snugly fabrics, candles, fireplaces and inviting scents, much like the above photo.   Purchases of luxury homes in Montana may include en-suites for adult children.  Think 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths with large open community space.  You will be hearing of legacy homes, homes that families can reunite and be together.  Contact Trina White at Billings & Beyond Real Estate for keys to your legacy home in Yellowstone, Stillwater or Carbon County.

Photo courtesy of Peachtree Studio


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