1) Create a budget for your move. Moving boxes can be purchased at your local hardware or big box stores, or look on Craigslist or sovial media sites for someone just unpacking theirs.

2) Reserve a moving truck for moving day. Weekends at the end of the month are usually busy, so advance reservations are necessary.

3) Begin packing and purging at the same time. Pack slowly, thinking of what may be/may not be in use for the next 3-4 weeks.

4) If moving out of the area, gather financial and medical records to be taken with you.


1) Set up a moving day box. Items necessary for the “first night” in your new digs. Remember a small coffee pot, coffee, and coffee cups for making instant energy.  And  don’t forget about your pets.

2) Transfer utilities. Making sure you have power, heat, and hot water for a shower are ohhh so necessary. Don’t forget your cable, internet, and newspaper delivery.

3) Change your mailing address.You don’t want to miss bills, subscriptions, or other important items being delivered.

4) Pack a toolbox of necessary items such as a hammer, screwdrivers, duct tape, etc.

5) Recruit help for moving day. Promise of pizza and beer may help you recruit more folks.

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